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Unique Preppy, Elegant Baby Names For Boys

Names can express status, character, attitudes and virtues. Subconsciously, a name deeply influences the first impression people get. When it comes to naming a baby, parents often have in mind, how others will perceive the name and what impact it may have on their baby’s future. Little wonder, we want to chose names that might promise a great future or open up chances in a world, where first impressions matter most. This is why, classy names that seem to convey elegance and charisma rise in popularity, as well as unusual baby names that are one-of-a-kind. I selected unique preppy, elegant baby names for boys and their meanings that combine both of these features.

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Elegant, timeless, charming. All of these attributes and more describe the unique vintage baby name Clemens. Additionally, the meaning behind it perfectly suits a little gentleman. Clemens is a Latin name and means “Merciful, Gentle”. For a little more extravagance, you could also use the spelling variation Clemence, which is twice as rare. Either way, this boy name seems to fit right into the Ivy League.


If you are familiar with Dumas’ Three Musketeers, you will have come across the name Aramis. It is of French origin and derived from the place name Aramits. Obviously, Alexandre Dumas created this name for one of his main characters. Nevertheless, literary names, especially of famous classic novels, will always appear sophisticated, noble and classy.


Less unusual in Germany, but far from the Top 1000 in the U.S. is the preppy, elegant name Florian. It originates from the Latin name Florianus. Therefore, the meaning behind Florian is “Flowering”. But it has been derivatively interpreted as “The Glorious One; The Wonderful One” throughout European history, as well. Florian is a classy name that radiates sophistication and


Well, here we have one elegant sounding name! Belvedere just rolls of your tongue. It sounds trendy, classy and super exquisite. Yet, it is an incredibly rare name. Belvedere is of Italian origin and has the stunning meaning “Beautiful View”. This most handsome, sophisticated baby boy name is definitely one of a kind.


Vocabulary names for babies of both genders are extremely trendy at the moment. Solace is a handsome option for anyone, who wants to join the hype for word names, but also loves sophisticated baby names. As an English vocabulary name the meaning behind Solace does not need further clarification.

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If you like handsome, sophisticated names with extravagant, luxurious vibes, you might want to consider Aurelius for your baby boy. Aurelius is a delicate, noble name of Latin origin. The meaning of the name Aurelius is “The Golden One”. It gives an impression of magnificence, as well as royalty without being over-the-top.


Bancroft sounds way more aristocratic than its meaning suggests. It is an old English name which means “Field of Beans”. Though Bancroft has a very modest, down-to-earth meaning, it adds an air of mannerliness and cultivation to its bearer. Bancroft could be a great name choice, if you are looking for unique surname baby boy names.


For some reason, the name Lysander always belonged to my favorites of unusual baby boy names. Lysander is a name of Greek origin and its meaning can be translated to “Liberator”. Furthermore, Lysander is also a character in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This is an aspect that adds a great deal of class and elegance to the name.


Magnus is a shorter unique preppy, elegant baby boy name. Somehow, it equally radiates prestige and strength. The meaning behind the name Magnus deeply reflects this impression. Magnus translates to “The Gratest” in Latin and is a name with a long historic tradition. Though increasingly popular, over the past decades Magnus hasn’t made it anywhere near the Top 1000.


A soft sound with a delicate meaning is what you get with the name Celestino. It is a beautiful, elegant baby boy name with a melodic ring to it. Celestino is the Italian form of the Latin name Caelestinus. Therefore, the meaning of Celestino is “Belonging To Heaven” or also often interpreted as “The Heavenly One”.


With regards to its meaning, Bellamy appears to be truly a fine gentleman’s name. It is an English derivative of the Old French Language. The meaning behind the name Bellamy is “Fine Friend”. Though, since ami means friend, whereas belle is the French word for beautiful, Bellamy could more directly be translated to “Beautiful Friend”.


One of the many names that can be shortened to “Max” as a cool, sassy nickname is Maxfield. It is an English name that can be interpreted in two ways, as well. on the one hand, Maxfield carries the meaning “Mac’s Field”. But broken down to the Latin roots of Max, the name Maxfield means “Greatest Field”. Either way, Maxfield is a preppy boy name that radiates authority and elegance with a touch of vintage.


Templeton is another surname baby name that has a handsome sound with a touch of nobility and elegance. The name Templeton has its origin in the English language. Deriving from the words temple and town, the meaning of Templeton literally is “Temple Town, Town of Temples”. There is clearly a spiritual vibe to this classy name.


Taken into account that Mila and Milo are ranking high in the Top 100 of baby names, it is a little surprising Milano is still very uncommon. The name Milano is soft and elegant, plus it comes with a certain Italian charm. Milano is the Italian name for the beautiful metropolis Milan. Since place names are very popular as baby names, Milano seems trendy and fashionable, but remains unique.


In case you prefer short names for baby boys that are preppy, unique and elegant, you might like Eloy. It seems clever and classy, without being extravagant. It is also a good alternative for anyone who loves the name Eli, but is looking for unique, interesting name with a twist. Despite its similarity to Eli, Eloy is the Catalan variant of the Latin name Eligius, meaning “The Chosen One”.