Unique middle names for boys

Unique Middle Names For Boys

Not everyone plans to use an antiquated middle name for their baby boy that has been running in the family for generations. Sometimes parents might feel like making a little bolder choice. A unique middle name can make a good addition to the perfect first name you’ve already chosen. It can be something that adds a little character to a popular or traditional name. Or give that extra bit of creativity in an uncommon name combination. Whatever the reason you might be searching for a unique middle name for boys, the following list will provide some inspiration. From names you have probably heard of, but very likely not thought of, to baby names that have never even crossed your mind before. These baby boy names with origin and meaning make great middle names with uniqueness and charm.

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Unique Middle Names For Baby Boys

Stellan – Swedish, calm; silent

Ezra – Hebrew, help

Byron – English, a place name; cow barn

Dashiell – French, from the surname De Chiel

Kai – Hawaiian, sea

Orlando – Italian, famous land

Finnegan – Irish, white; fair

Benedict – Latin, blessed

Linus – Greek, flax

Pax – Latin, Peace

Roscoe – Old Norse, deer forest

Aloisius – Teutonic, latinized; famous warrior

Peregrine – Latin, pilgrim

Humphrey – Germanic, peaceful warrior

Coltrane – Gaelic, anglicized form of the surname Ó Coltaráin

Lorcan – Irish, little fierce one

Preston – English, priest’s town

Isaiah – Hebrew, God is Salvation

Hudson – Old English, Son of Hugh

Shepard – English, word name

Idris – Welsh, lord

Remy – French, rower

Finch – English, name of a bird

Evergreen – English, always green

Oscar – Old English, deer friend

Leonidas – Greek, lion

Felix – Latin, lucky; fortunate

Wesley – English, western meadow

Giovanni – Italian, God is gracious

Vaughn – Welsh, small

Leland – English, meadow land

Bartholomew – Aramaic, son of the furrow

Holden – English, hollow valley

Ronan – Irish, little seal

Truman – English, trusty man

Otis – Old German, wealthy

Constantine – Latin, steadfast

Fox – English, word name

Taimo – Estonian, plant; seedling

Seamus – Irish, supplanter

Harvey – English, battle worthy

Boaz – Hebrew, swiftness

Hugo – Latin, mind; spirit

Raymond – Germanic, counsel protector

Archer – English, bowman

Tiberius – Latin, of the Tiber

Jett – English, jet black

Pablo – Spanish, small

O’Grady – Irish, son of the illustrious one

Explorer – English, word name