uncommon unique names for girls

Uncommon, Unique Baby Names For Girls

Finding the perfect name for your precious baby girl can often be very hard. You want to give her a name that is unique and beautiful, just like her. But of course, you don’t want anything weird. For your inspiration, I created a selection of uncommon, unique baby names for girls beyond the Top 1000, and their meanings. Many of these truly rare names have been recorded less than a 100 times as a first name in the U.S. over the past 150 years. Your baby girl won’t be – metaphorically speaking – one of the four Ashleys in the school yard with any of these truly rare, classic, modern, chic or beautiful baby girl names.

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Loranel is a name as rare as it can get. I dare say, you haven’t come across anyone called Loranel in your whole life. Yet, the name has a beautiful, melodic sound. It even appears to be very classic and has the potential for a true princess name. Although, the name Loranel is probably a modern creation. Loranel is derived from the names Lora, which is of Latin origin and means “Laurel”, and Nelle, which in Greek means ” The Bright One”. Hence, Loranel could be interpreted as “Bright Laurel”.


A cute, unique and very short name is Suki. In Japanese the name Suki has the beautiful meaning “Loved One”. But in the western hemisphere, Suki or Sukie has often been used traditionally as a nickname for Susan, which means “Lily” in Hebrew. Either way, Suki has a lovely meaning, while evoking a somewhat sassy impression. Suki is an adorable, peppy name for a strong, independent little girl that is on her way to do great things.


If you love the name Olivia, but you want something more unique, why not pick Olivine? Since Olivia for girls and Oliver for boys are both ranking as one of the most popular baby names of this year (and last year, by the way), Olivine can surely be considered trendy without being overused. Olivine is the name of a gemstone, whose name is derived from the Latin word for olive, oliva. Hence, Olivine is a great, unique alternative to popular Olivia. Plus, you can still call your girl Liv for short.


Insa is a very gorgeous, short name that is extremely contemporary. The name Insa has developed from a Frisian diminutive of names starting with Ing-, meaning “Name of a God”, like Ingrid or Inge, to a completely independent name. For this reason, the meaning of Insa has become “Goddess” . Since Isla is on the up-rise in the top 100, for anyone who is looking for a rare, unique, yet modern sounding name, Insa might be a great choice.


For parents who adore “Mc” names, like McKenzie or McKenna, the name McHaven is a fresh, unusual option. Because McHaven is an old Scottish family name from the mid 19th century, it falls into the fashionable category of surname baby names. Whereas “Mc” is traditionally a Scottish patronymic, meaning “Son of”, Haven is an English vocabulary name and should therefore be pretty much self-explanatory.


Baby names containing the letter Y have become extremely popular over the past few years. For almost every name containing -i, there is a spelling variant with -y instead. Recently, even names like Lake or Blake have been altered to Layke and Blayke. The name Alyra, on the other hand, is not an eccentric new invention, but it is truly unique. Most likely, Alyra is of Greek origin and has the meaning “Lyre, Harp”. Thus, it is a very melodic name with a musical meaning. Since Aria is currently ranking very high, Alyra is one of the uncommon, unique baby names for girls that appears extremely trendy.


Word and virtue names are becoming more and more popular. But what about the name Virtue itself? Virtue is has its origin the the Latin word virtus, meaning “Valor, Worth, Moral Excellence”. Even though this name was frequently used by 17th century Puritans, it is extremely uncommon today. Nonetheless, Virtue sounds modern and strong. On top of that, it absolutely blends in with trendy names like Justice, Serenity, Faith or Prudence.


While the name Sofia has constantly been ranking in the top 100 over the past decades, Sophira has hardly ever been heard of. Sophira is gorgeous, elegant and sounds exceedingly royal. Very likely, Sophira is derived from the Greek name Sophia, which means “Wisdom”. Therefore, Sophira definitely is a name to consider, if you like the names Sophie, Sophia or Saphire, but want to chose an uncommon, one-of-a-kind name for your little princess.


Surprisingly, Bijou has never ranked anywhere near the Top 1000. Very few babies have been given the name Bijou over the past two centuries. Nevertheless, it is a chic, modern and beautiful name. It even comes with a pretty meaning. Bijou is of French origin and means “Jewel”. Furthermore, Bijou would make a good name for a sibling to Beau, a recently very popular baby boy name that is of French origin, too.


Another name of Frisian origin, is Levke. It is a modernized variant of the name Leefke. Thus, the meaning behind Levke is “Darling, The Dear One”. With this name, the chances are good that your baby girl will never meet another Levke. So, if you wish for your baby’s name to stand out, but still want it to be lovely and not awkward, this could be the right choice. Nonetheless, a girl called Levke most likely will have to explain her name more than once or twice to strangers.


Adorable, fresh, unusual and strong is the name Cosma. It pretty much is a name that fits a new-age goddess. Derived from the Greek word cosmos, meaning “Order, Universe”, the name Cosma is also somewhat bohemian and extraordinarily spiritual. Additionally, since names like Nova and Genesis made it in top 100, maybe Cosma could be the latest upcoming name trend. Who knows? It wouldn’t be surprising. After all, Cosma is a lovely, modern name.


Lileah is a dainty name with a very gentle, soft sound. In contrast to the conventional, well-loved Lily, the name Lileah has a twist and is widely unknown. There are two interpretations possible for its meaning. Either Lileah can be interpreted as “Little Leah”, with Leah meaning “Weary” in Hebrew. Therefore, it can be considered as a modern American name. Or Lileah can be perceived as a Portmanteau name – which is, two names and their meanings blended to one – of the names Lily and Leah.


The names Mila, Milo and Miles all made it into the Top 100 this year. But not so the lovely, gentle sounding name Milou. Even though this is a perfectly sweet baby name for a girl, it never made it anywhere near the Top 1000. Milou is of French origin. Often it used as a nickname for Marie-Louise, meaning “Bitter, Renowned Warrior”. On its own, Milou is the French word for “Snowy”.


In case you like names ending in -lynn, but do not want to stick to obvious, conventional name choices, you should take the name Toralynn into consideration. Toralynn is a very modern, adorable name that is extremely rare. It is a contemporary combination of the names Tora, which has a Norse origin and means “Thunder”, and the suffix -lynn, which is of Welsh origin, meaning “Lake”. Toralynn might be a new-age creation, but it has a classic, timeless ring to it.


Are you thinking of giving your baby girl a hip and trendy vocabulary name? All sorts of word names have become increasingly popular. Some are beautiful, some choices seem a little unfortunate. Regardless, you might find that most of them are incredibly overused. If you want something uncommon that is not weird or ridiculous, how about Stream? It blends in with names like Stormi and Story, nicely. And despite the fact, that it is super rare, it mingles perfectly with other nature names like Lake, River and Ocean.