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Uncommon, Unique Baby Names For Boys

Are you looking for an unusual name for your baby boy? If you are expecting and in search for a baby boy name beyond the Top 1000, let me inspire you. I hand-picked uncommon, unique baby names for boys, and their meanings, that are truly rare, but not awkward. Many of these names have been recorded less than a 100 times as a first name in the U.S. over the past 150 years. So, rest assured that your boy won’t have twenty namesakes on the play ground with any of these classic, modern, cool or handsome baby names.

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Fedor is a alternative transcription of the name Fyodor, and thus a Russian variation of Theodore. The meaning behind the name Fedor is “Gift of God”. Since Fedor is short and easy to pronounce, it appears very modern in contrast to its very classic and common Greek original Theodore. Yet, the name Fedor radiates strengths and elegance. It pretty much sounds like a name that would even fit a Norse warrior.


In case you are a fan of surname baby names, you should consider Winterson. It is a classy, cool and fashionable choice that sounds very sophisticated without being over the top. With Winterson exactly meaning that, “Son of Winter”, the origin and meaning won’t need any further explanation. The name Winter might have gained significantly in popularity over the past two years, but you can be sure that there will be no other child called Winterson at the playground.


Well, there is a bohemian name right here! Though it is very uncommon, I actually met a newborn called Banjo. Probably, he was named in reference to the Australian poet Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson. If you have a thing for the name Benji, but want to go for something a bit more artsy, less conventional, why not pick Banjo for your baby boy? The meaning should be clear on this one, as Banjo is simply a stringed instrument.


A short, peppy and very trendy sounding name is Miro. It is of Slavic origin and sometimes used as a short form of the name Miroslav. On its own, Miro is derived from the Slavic word miru, which means “Peace, World”. Definitely, this is a unusual name that has a beautiful meaning. And with Milo being a very popular name recently, Miro won’t sound too unfamiliar, while it still keeps its unique twist.


If you like the name Thomas or its short form Tom, but you want to go with something more unique, Tomlin is a good choice. It is fresh, cool and cute and certainly standing out without being weird. Actually, being an old-English family name, Tomlin is a from a father derived name or also diminutive of the Aramaic name Thomas. Therefore, Tomlin means “Little Tom”, while the meaning of Thomas is “Twin”.


Do you prefer boy names that are classic and timeless? How about Chesterton? The name Chesterton is of Old English origin and means “Walled Town” or “Fortress Town”. Thus, Chesterton creates an impression of strengths by sound and meaning. Furthermore, Chesterton is the Surname of Father Brown‘s Author Gilbert Keith Chesterton. Whereas Chester is a very popular name, Chesterton is extremely uncommon.


Most likely, you haven’t come across the name Roox, yet. Probably, Roox is one of those names, where the “ks” creatively has been altered to “x”. Rooks are the towers in chess, who got their name from the Persian word rukh for “Chariot”. Otherwise, Roox may be derived from Rook, the name of a large, black species of crow, known for the distinctive call. For nature lovers or as an alternative to the common Robin, Finch and Wren, Roox might be a refreshing, unique option.


With this Catalan version of Henry, you will have something unique and still somewhat traditional. Just like Henry, the meaning of Enric is “Home Ruler”, which gives this name a subtle noble touch. Enric sounds classic and strong, but also fresh. Therefore, Enric is a perfect name choice for parents, who plan to use an uncommon name for their boy that is not completely unconventional.


Very elegant, yet cool, sounds the name Auryn. The origin of this name is Celtic. Though Auryn is a very ancient name, it appears fresh and contemporary. It also comes with the beautiful meaning “Gold” or “Golden”, which probably derives from the Latin word for gold, Aurum. Auryn is a very handsome name, for a handsome baby boy.


Though old, the name Tamerlane is very rare and unique. It dates back to medieval times. More specific, to the great, successful Mongolian leader Timur, also known as Tamerlane, who conquered large parts of Asia. The name Tamerlane is of Persian origin and literally means “Timur the Lame”. Timur, however, means “Iron”. Though it might not have the most beautiful meaning, Tamerlane has a nice sound and flow to it.


Definitely more exotic and extremely regal is the name Luxor. Actually, Luxor is the name of an ancient city, also called Thebes, on the Nile in Egypt. Especially, because Luxor is a place name, it fully falls in the category of trendy baby names, while it still is completely uncommon. Luxor comes from the Arabian language and means “The Palaces”. A cool, worthy name for a little king.


A very strong, impressive name is Corvin. It is actually a short form of Corvinus, which was the name of the ancient roman general Marcus Valerius Messalla Corvinus, as well as the family name of Hungarian emperors in the mid-15th century. Since Corvinus is a diminutive of the Latin word corvus, the meaning of the name Corvin is “Raven”. Most definitely one of the uncommon, unique baby names for boys with a more mystical meaning.


Without a doubt, Max is one of the most widely known names. It is a short form of all kind of names from Maximilian, Maxfield, Maxwell for boys to Maxine, Maxima or Maxence for girls. But have you heard of Maxley? Probably not. It is as uncommon as it can get. And still you can use the mainstream Max for short. Maxley originates from the English language and means “The Greatest of the Fields”.


Of old origin, yet modern sounding, is also the name Dacian. It is derived from an ancient place, which the Romans called Dacia. Hence, Dacian refers to an inhabitant of Dacia, as well as, the language that was spoken in this region. Ancient Dacia got conquered by the Romans in the very beginning of the first century. Nowadays the region of ancient Dacia mainly includes Moldavia and Romania.


If you like word baby names, Ease might be the one for you. Maybe you are naming him in hopes that your new baby boy will have a life without struggle, or maybe you are just hoping this one won’t be a little rascal. Either way, Ease is a youthful name that blends right in with trendy vocabulary names like Storm, Breeze, Amity, North, Truth and so on. The name Ease, though, is a true rarity.

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