7 reasons why you should not find out your baby's gender

7 Reason Why You Should Not Find Out Your Baby’s Gender

At around 20 weeks of pregnancy you can find out if you are having a boy or girl. Some parents chose not to know the gender until their baby is born. Because waiting to find out your baby’s biological sex can be awesome. Do you want to know if that is the right choice for you? Here are 7 reasons why you should not find out your baby’s gender.

during pregnancy food to avoid when pregnant healthy diet

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman’s diet can have a huge influence on the development of her baby. Some foods are beneficial. But others could harm an unborn baby. Make sure you know which foods to avoid during pregnancy.

rare unique uncommon baby names for girls

50 Most Rare, Unique Baby Girl Names

You want to avoid that your baby’s going to have one of the trendy names that everyone will have heard for the umpteenth time? Each of these baby names for girls with meanings have been registered less than 500 times over the past 150 years in the U.S. – often even less than a 100 times! So, if uniqueness and individuality is important to you, take a look at these 50 most rare, unique baby girl names in 2020.

beautiful elegant baby names for girls

Incredibly Beautiful, Elegant Baby Names For Girls

A name often determines the first impression we get. But finding a unique name that conveys grace and sophistication is easier said than done. Let me set an end to your prolonged search for inspiration with these incredibly beautiful, elegant baby names for girls and their meanings.

Secrets to a faster, easier labor and delivery, Pregnant woman, baby bump

Secrets To A Faster And Easier Labor

For sure, labor is not a walk in the park – at least for most of us. The thought of giving birth makes a lot of moms-to-be very anxious. But there is no need to panic! I discovered, there are secrets to a faster and easier delivery. Here are my tips on what really can improve labor and delivery for you and your baby.

uncommon unique names for girls

Uncommon, Unique Baby Names For Girls

Finding the perfect name for your precious baby girl can often be very hard. Are you searching for a baby girl name that is unusual, but not weird? For your inspiration, I created a selection of uncommon, unique baby names for girls beyond the Top 1000, and their meanings,that are truly rare.

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Uncommon, Unique Baby Names For Boys

Are you looking for an unusual name for your baby boy? If you are expecting and in search for a baby boy name beyond the Top 1000, let me inspire you. I hand-picked uncommon, unique baby names for boys, and their meanings, that are truly rare, but not awkward.