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7 Reasons Why You Should Find Out Your Baby’s Gender

The second trimester is an exciting time in a woman’s pregnancy. The bump starts to show, you begin to feel the first flutters and kicks, usually you have a lot more energy and the morning sickness subsides (not for me though, read here). But best of all, if you are hanging to find out your baby’s gender, now you have the chance to do so! At around 20 weeks you can find out your baby’s gender. With a blood test, you could even find out as early as 8 weeks. But while the wait until you can get to know a baby’s gender is sheer torture to some parents, it is delightful anticipation to other moms and dads. So should you wait to find out if you are expecting a girl or a boy or not? Here are 7 reasons why you should find out your baby’s gender!

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Why I Decided To Find Out My Baby’s Gender

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I really loved the idea of keeping my baby’s gender as a rewarding surprise for the delivery room. I always thought it was awesome, how my parents only found out at birth what they were having. My family and I were speculating if I was going to have a baby brother or sister and it was great fun. Plus, it made us all extra excited for the new addition of the family to arrive.

But the closer the second trimester ultrasound got, the more I wanted to find out if I was having a boy or a girl as soon as possible. Our families still had gender specific baby stuff to hand down and they all couldn’t wait to know if we could use it for our new baby. So after being asked when we will finally have the gender revealing ultrasound several times a day, I couldn’t hold back my excitement either. On top of that, the long-awaited shopping spree for baby gear and clothes was a nearly impossible thing to do, as almost no item in the shops was gender neutral. Suddenly, I wanted to know if I was going to have a daughter or a son so bad, it almost hurt.

7 Reasons Why You Should Find Out The Gender Of Your Baby

1.Shopping For Baby

Honestly, it is a whole lot easier to prepare and shop for your baby if you know the gender. Usually, most items in the shops are either pink or blue. It can be absolutely nerve-wrecking to search for gender neutral baby gear. This is especially true for clothes, sheets and bedding, pacifiers, swaddles, toys and even diapers. If you don’t want end up with baby’s wardrobe in all greys (which often is reserved for boys outfits anyways) and whites (not recommended for the average messy baby), you are best of knowing if you are shopping for a girl or boy. It is more fun after all.

2. The Baby Registry

Okay, this point doesn’t differ too much from the first one. But in case you are setting up a baby registry it is so much easier to decide what to put on the list if you know what you are having. I guess, your friends and family will be glad to know, whether to pick the pink or the blue version of the swaddle/sheet set/anything on the registry, as well. Additionally, it is more convenient if people can gift you the items you really want before baby is born. Otherwise, you might end up buying the adorable little dress or the cute dinosaur sheets after baby arrived anyway, because you are fed up with all the grey/white plain stuff.

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3. Nursery

Setting up the nursery for your bundle of joy is such a fun and wonderful part of the whole pregnancy experience. Especially, once the nesting instinct sets in you want everything to be set up and ready for your baby’s arrival. Of course, you can set up a completely gender neutral nursery. But maybe you going to regret not having gone for that unicorn or wild life themed nursery, you always imagined to have for you girl or boy.

4. Gender Reveal Party

Of course, there is no gender reveal party, if you have no gender to reveal. In case, you love throwing parties, you definitely miss out on a great opportunity to celebrate your baby – in addition to the baby shower. Some mothers-to-be even prefer to have a gender reveal party only and completely skip the baby shower. A gender reveal party, usually means more excitement and less pressure than the traditional baby shower. Furthermore, it does not necessarily make everyone feel obliged to buy presents. A gender reveal party is fun, because there are literally a hundred and more memorable ways to reveal the gender of your baby. How exciting!

5. Bonding With Baby

One of the most important reasons why you should find out your baby’s gender, is the way it helps you and your partner to bond with your baby before she/he is born. It makes it easier to visualize and imagine what your son/your daughter might be like, what you are going to do together, what your baby’s preferences and favorites might be and more. I believe, it is awesome to know if you are carrying boy or a girl. It really helps to create a stronger bond between you and the baby if you have a better idea of who you are going to meet at birth.

6. Choosing A Name

Knowing if you are having a boy or girl makes it so much easier to choose a baby name for your little one. The name pool to choose from shrinks significantly as you don’t have to think of names for both genders, anymore. Except, if you are having boy/girl twins of course. Even then, you can focus on finding a good set of boy/girl twin names, instead of planning through all the different possibilities. It saves a lot of time and can be a huge relief. Additionally, you can try out names while baby is still inside and see what sticks. Generally, knowing if you are looking for a girl name or a boy name, makes the whole difficult naming task more fun and less stressful.

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7. Coping With Disappointments

Sometimes people are really hoping for a girl or a boy. It could be the pregnant mom, the dad, siblings or even the grandparents. Finding out at birth that the baby is not of the gender you have hoped for so badly, can come as a real shock. Worst case, it will be a struggle to bond with the new baby. Knowing upfront gives everyone time to deal with and overcome their disappointments, as well as to come to terms whit the fact that the baby is going to be a boy/girl. If you know you or your partner is going to be deeply disappointed if the baby is the “wrong” gender, this is the most important reason why you should find out your baby’s gender before birth. Of course, don’t forget that having a healthy baby and safe delivery is the most important thing.