7 reasons why you should not find out your baby's gender

7 Reason Why You Should Not Find Out Your Baby’s Gender

At around 20 weeks of pregnancy you can find out your baby’s gender. While some parents-to-be can’t wait to find out if they are having a girl or a boy, others do hesitate. Should you really find out or keep your baby’s gender as a surprise? It is a tough decision to make that needs proper consideration. Once you found out, there is no turning back. Even though I decided to find out my baby’s gender before birth, I certainly see big pros for waiting. That is why, after naming the benefits of finding out your baby’s gender (here), I now want to discuss the other side. Here are 7 reasons why you should NOT find out your baby’s gender before birth.

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7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Find Out The Gender Of Your Baby

1. Best Surprise

Not knowing if you are going to have a son or daughter for 40+/- long weeks can be super exciting and somehow thrilling. Additionally, it can be the ultimate surprise! Finally, when you get know if your newly born addition to the family is a girl or a boy it could be the most awesome, best surprise you’ve ever had. Maybe you were super convinced you are pregnant with a girl and it turns out to be a boy, or vice versa. As long as if you don’t hope to much for a certain outcome, this can be super exciting. So, if you love surprises, this could be the ultimate one for you.

2. Extra Motivation

After months of anticipation and excitement, you will eventually find out your baby’s gender when you get to meet her or him for the first time. If that is not some extra motivation to push that baby out, then I don’t know what is. When the contractions start, you know you are so close to finally find out who was growing inside you. And after nine long months, you will be bursting with excitement. This can be super motivating and helping to cope with the pain. It definitely will feel even more rewarding, when you hold your brand new daughter or son.

3. Other People’s Expectations

Do you have a friend or relative that is really hoping for you to have a baby girl or boy? Sometimes not knowing the gender can safe you from a lot of unsolicited, opinionated comments and expectations of what the baby has to be like. This lady I barely knew couldn’t help it but telling us how disappointed she was about the fact that I wasn’t having a girl. Thanks, but in how far is that any of your business? Not knowing my baby’s gender could have avoided this awkward conversation. It also left me feeling very sad and insulted, because I was so proud of my baby and happy about having a boy.

Of course, telling someone that you decided not to find out your baby’s gender could upset some people, too. So, if you feel like making people a bit uncomfortable, tell them that you are waiting to find out at birth.

4. More Excitement

Not finding out your baby’s gender until he/she is born, means extra excitement for everyone. Gender guessing games and old wife tales that only will prove themselves right or wrong at birth are super fun and more entertaining. Maybe you even want takes bets. Furthermore, there is the excitement of not knowing if you are going to use the boy or girl name you picked. This is going to be so much excitement for the whole family. Especially, if you have kids already, they most likely will enjoy guessing if they are going to have a sister or brother.

5. No Gender Reveal Party

It can safe a lot of work, stress and money, if you don’t find out your baby’s gender upfront, because you won’t have to throw a gender revel party. This is also a big plus if you just hate having parties. Honestly, being pregnant is exhausting enough and since most people expect you to have a baby shower anyways, at least you can skip the gender reveal party without needing an excuse. No gender to reveal, no gender reveal party. Simple as that.

6. No Pink Or Blue

In case you are not a fan of stereotypical gender color-coding or just had enough of that lame old pink and blue, not finding out if you are having a boy or girl can come in handy. Since nobody knows what you are having, you won’t be given heaps of pink or blue clothes. Instead of a ton of pink, oh-so-cute baby dresses, people might rather gift the baby gear you need so desperately or even gift cards. Also, you might feel less pressured to set up a girlish or boyish nursery and rather create a gender neutral nursery in less traditional colors or soft green and yellow shades.

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7. Not 100% Guaranteed

Unless you are having a DNA-test, you can’t actually be sure that you are having a boy/girl. The sonographer could be wrong or the important bits could have been hidden in the picture. I met a lady who was told she was having a girl. Then at 35 weeks, another sonograph revealed she was actually having a boy. Unfortunately by that time, an all-pink nursery was set up (the reason why I kept all receipts until after birth). Admittedly, this is quite rare. But it would certainly not be fun to bring your new baby boy home to a sparkly unicorn nursery with Emma painted on the wall. To safe yourself from this, keep your baby’s gender as a beautiful surprise. As long as mom and baby are healthy, it shouldn’t matter anyway.

7 Reasons Why You should find out your baby's gender
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