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7 Amazing Tummy Time Baby Toys

Placing your baby on her/his tummy during play time is essential for healthy physical development. This so-called tummy time strengthens neck, core muscles and back preparing your baby for reaching important milestones, like rolling over and crawling. It also helps to prevent flat head syndrome and certain developmental delays. Get the most out of this important activity with 7 amazing tummy time baby toys.

Tummy time should be practiced daily from the day your little one leaves the hospital. Give your baby several short periods on her/his tummy a day and try to extent those periods as your baby grows. While you might prefer the tummy-to-tummy position in the beginning, from 8 weeks on it is definitely important to practice some tummy time on a safe floor mat.

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Because tummy time is very strenuous exercise and hard work, try to make it as fun as possible. A positive experience is crucial for motivation and learning. With the right toys, tummy time can be easier and more enjoyable for your baby. Tummy time toys aid the development of various skills and they keep your baby engaged and motivated. So even Babies, who seemingly dislike tummy time and usually don’t last a minute in this position, will get an incentive to extent the time on their bellies. Here are 7 amazing tummy time baby toys that turn tummy time from strenuous exercise into great learning fun.

To reduce SIDS only place baby on tummy while awake!

1. Grow with Me Tummy Time Llama

grow with me tummy time llama by fisher price is a great baby toy for tummy time

The Grow With Me Tummy Time Llama by Fisher Price is super adorable. It can serve as a support wedge during tummy time, which makes it more comfortable and less exhausting for bub to lie on the tummy. Hence, your baby will stay longer in this position than usual. Attached to the Llama is a blanket with colorful, faces to keep babies engaged. My son loves the crinkly sounds this blanket makes. But the brightly colored watermelon rattle, the self-discovery mirror and carrot teether are the real entertaining part of this toy. Those offer visual, tactical and auditory play to support baby’s development from newborn to walking baby. The bonus: The Grow With Me Tummy Time Llama is machine washable!

tummy time baby toys. baby toys. make tummy time easier

2. Tummy Time Baby Water Mat

The Tummy Time Baby Water Mat by MAGIFIRE will simply fascinate your baby. There are different shapes of sea creatures inside the water filled, non-toxic PVC that move around when bub presses on the mat. Trying to grab and move around the shapes is a fun activity that helps to enhance sensory development and motor skills. Additionally, the colorful design keeps babies engaged and offers great visual stimulation. When done playing, the BPA free mat can simply be wiped over and rolled up for storage. Even though there might not be as many floating shapes in it as shown in the advertising pictures, the Tummy Time Baby Water Mat is definitely great fun.

Baby Boy plays with baby water mat as a baby toy for tummy time

3. Lil’ Critters Roll and Discover Ball

Awesome encouragement for your baby to become mobile is the Lil’ Critters Roll and Discover Ball by VTech. When rolled around this soft plush ball makes sounds and noises, which catches baby’s attention and motivates to follow the ball. Furthermore, the bright colors and friendly looking animals make this ball extremely interesting to discovering babies. As the ball is designed for 6-months-olds upwards, it is quite large and heavy, yet the tags make it not hard to grab. The sounds are triggered easily, which encourages independent play, and can be set to two different volume levels. Who knows, maybe the Lil’ Critters Roll and Discover Ball gets your little one crawling quicker than you think.

4. Tummy Time Discovery Pillow

Equipped with a mirror, a piano and a rattle the Tummy Time Discovery Pillow by VTech offers a lot of different play opportunities. Especially, the piano is extraordinarily entertaining and designed to improve fine motor skills. Apart from auditory and visual stimulation by the light-up piano, the rattle and the mirror, tactile stimulation is created by the different textures and shapes. Most importantly, the Tummy Time Discovery Pillow is an awesome supporting wedge for babies of all ages in the form of a cute, happy giraffe.

5. Tummy Time Floor Mirror

Most babies love mirrors and are fascinated by their own cute, little faces. In contrast to many other baby-safe mirrors, the Tummy Time Floor Mirror by Sassy doesn’t distort the reflection. Therefore, it helps baby’s eyes to focus, and fosters visual development in general. Because red and a black-white contrast are perceived best by newborns, the smiley lady bug with tracker ball serves this purpose extremely well, too. I appreciate the ladybug and the plush bee that are attached to the mirror, since like every exploring baby, my little boy needs tactile stimulation to stay engaged for some time, as well.

6. Laugh & Learn Kick ‘n Play Piano

Great fun during tummy time – any other time, too -, is the Laugh & Learn Kick ‘n Play Piano by Fisher Price. It has three different settings, one being real piano tunes. During tummy time your little one can push on the mat and it either plays songs, phrases or single notes. Hence, it not only improves fine motor skills, but teaches that their actions actually trigger the tunes to play. This is great if you want to get your child interested in music and instruments from an early age. Watch your baby getting better at this very interactive play over time. The Laugh & Learn Kick ‘n Play Piano is truly an amazing tummy time toy for tiny virtuosos.

7. Rolling Rosa

Like all LAMAZE toys, the Rolling Rosa with its bold colors and various patterns is, among other things, designed for visual and tactical stimulation. Your baby will love looking at its friendly face and feel the different textures of this plush fish. But the self-righting feature and chimes is what will really gets bub interested. If you toss the round fish in front of your 6 months or older baby, Rolling Rosa will roll smoothly encouraging bub to crawl after it. This is an incredibly fun way to use tummy time as efficiently as possible for motivation to crawl. So the next big milestone is almost guaranteed to be reached in no time.

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