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50 Most Rare, Unique Baby Girl Names

Have you been busy making a list of your favorite names, but now you find they are kind of overused? You want to avoid that your baby’s going to have one of the trendy names that everyone will have heard for the umpteenth time? If uniqueness and individuality is important to you, take a look at these 50 most rare, unique baby girl names for 2020.

It is important to pick a name that you and your partner love, to make bonding with the new baby easier for the both of you from the very first minute. Or even already in the womb. While sound, initials, family names and meaning are all important aspects to consider when choosing the perfect name for your baby, uniqueness and rareness can be a factor, too. Of course, a traditional name seems a safe and convenient option, but it often lacks the memorability only a unique name can deliver. One of these 50 most rare, unique baby names for girls might have everything you are looking for.

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Why Consider A Rare And Unique Baby Name?

Names are a big part of our identity. They express who we are on a social cultural level and can therefore determine how we are perceived by others. Being seen as an unique, individual that stands out from the crowd has become more significant than ever. Creativity over conformity seems to be the top motto in our globalized world and this only seems to gain even more importance in the future. As parents, we want the best for our children. And we want them to have all the opportunities available. This is exactly when a unique – but not weird or awkward -name can already make a difference.

Following name trends and sticking to the Top 100 baby names can be cute and seems less risky. But those super fashionable, trendy names might get a different connotation down the track. A once very popular moniker, can quickly turn into a very unpopular name, like Jayden or Navaeh. Or the once highly trendy name might one day be considered as an old people’s name representing a whole generation past their prime time. With a truly rare, unique baby boy name you will definitely not have to worry about this.

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Are You Looking For An Uncommon, Unusual Baby Girl Name No One Else Has Thought Of?

So if you are looking for a truly rare name that you haven’t heard of before, let me give you some inspiration. I hand-picked 50 most rare, unique baby girl names that are as uncommon as they can get. Each of these baby names for girls are one-of-a-kind and have been registered less than 500 times over the past 150 years in the U.S. – often even less than a 100 times! Here is a list of 50 most rare, unique baby girl names with meanings that you will absolutely love.

50 Ultra Rare, Unique Baby Girl Names With Meanings:

1. Nixie – German, water nymph, mermaid

2. Zerlina – Italian, character in Mozart’s Don Giovanni

3. Credence – English, word name

4. Anouk – French, grace

5. Finola – Irish, white shoulder

6. Marelle – Dutch, bitter

7. Ondina – Latin, little wave

8. Larabeth – Modern English, combination of Lara + Elisabeth

9. Zenona – Greek, derivative of Zeus

10. Reh – German, deer

11. Velina – Bulgarian, great

12. Amorette – Italian, little love

13. McQuincy – Scottish, son of Quincy

14. Cosima – Italian, beauty, order

15. Tarja – Finnish, to possess well

16. Rumena – Slavic, red-cheeked

17. Calypso – Greek, she who conceals

18. Eliane – Hebrew, my God is Yahweh

19. Chasedy – English, variant of Chastity

20. Lenka – Czech, bright

21. Vincentia – Latin, to conquer

22. Jola – Greek, little violet

23. Carabella – Italian, beautiful dear one

24. Alenia – Slovak, bright

25. Lorde – English, Lord

26. Taraneh – Persian, song, melody

27. Solway – Swedish, strenght of the sun

28. Cova – Catalan, cave

29. Anemone – Greek, wind, daughter of the wind

30. Mariola – Polish, bitter, untamed

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Looking for something elegant?

31. Nevena – Slavic, marigold

32. Skyenne – English, combination of Sky + Cheyenne

33. Josina – Frisian, he will add

34. Hirune – Basque, trinity

35. Lenya – Russian, shining light, sun ray

36. Isalie – Swedish, the gentle one

37. Tamsey – English, from Latin Tamesis, the river Thames

38. Vaia – Greek, palm leave

39. Xylona – Greek, forest girl, from the woods

40. Keeva – Irish, beautiful, gentle

41. Sanura – Swahili, kitten

42. Noabelle – Hebrew/French, combination of Noah + belle, beautiful motion

43. Epona – Celitc, horse, the Celtic goddess of horses

44. Discovery – English, word name

45. Romea – Italian, female form of Romeo, pilgrim to Rome

46. Cordula – Latin, heart

47. Belmira – Portuguese, beautiful sight

48. Lerke – Scandinavian, lark

49. Aroha – Moari, love

50. Diamanta – Greek, derived from Diamantina, diamond