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50 Most Rare, Unique Baby Boy Names

You have been looking through name lists for weeks and still can’t find anything that catches your interest? Are you tired of reading the same baby names for the billionth time? All the unique name suggestions are not as uncommon as you expected and now you are running out of ideas. Well, don’t lose hope! Because, you haven’t seen this list of 50 most rare, unique baby boy names, yet.

When picking a name for your baby, there is a lot to consider. Do you and your partner both like the name? Does it go well with your last name? Do you want to use or avoid family names? Are the initials alright or awkward? Do you equally like the name’s sound and meaning? Naming your precious baby boy and finding the perfect name for him is a tough decision to make. After all, you want to chose a name that you, your partner – and your child – will still love in twenty years from now. One of these 50 most rare, unique baby names for boys might tick all the right boxes.

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Why Choosing A Rare And Unique Baby Name?

Settling for trendy names from pop culture, Top 100 lists or name trend books, might seem like a great idea. But will you still think this way, when there are five other toddlers in your parenting group going by the same name? Not to mention that popular names sometimes get stereotyped. Just think of social media and the reference to perfectly fine, common names like Karen, Kevin or Chad.

Individuality and standing out from the crowd becomes increasingly important in this globalized world of opportunities, chances and self-created futures. A name can determine how people are perceived and influence what kind of impressions we leave. Even more so, it can make a difference between blending in unperceived or being noticed. One of the major reasons celebrities chose flamboyant, unusual names for their babies. They want their offspring to be remembered, recognized and paving their ways to a life of fame and fortune. Well, even if we might not want exactly this for our children, we still want them to have a bright, successful future. Individuality is the key to success – and what does express individuality better than a distinctive name?

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Do You Want An Uncommon, Unusual Baby Boy Name No One Else Has Thought Of?

So if you are bored by the reading the same old name suggestions over and over again, let me inspire you! I hand-picked 50 ultra rare, unique baby boy names that are as uncommon as they can get. Each of these baby names for boys are one-of-a-kind and have been registered less than 500 times over the past 150 years in the U.S. – often even less than a 100 times! Here is a list of 50 most rare, unique baby boy names with meanings that you will fall in love with.

50 Most Rare, Unique Baby Boy Names With Meanings:

1. Bly – English, friendly

2. Enders – Turkish, from Ender, meaning very rare

3. Chikane – English, word name; a term in car racing

4. Kenno – Frisian, bold counselor

5. Dice – English, word name

6. Timoleon – Old Greek, lion honor

7. Corvey – English, derivative from Latin corvus, raven

8. Baewulf – Old French, howling wolf

9. Delavin – Irish, derived from Delvin; godly friend

10. Elderick – Old English, noble ruler

11. Mileno – Czech, gracious, dear

12. Birch – English, a tree name

13. Fabius – Latin, bean

14. Lynes – Old English, waterfall

15. Valek – Slavic, short form of Valentine, meaning strong

16. Obsidian – English, gemstone name

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    17. Vulcan – Latin, to flash

    18. Garwood – Old English, from the fir forest

    19. Falk – German, falcon

    20. Eames – English, uncle’s son

    21. Daniau – French, God is my judge

    22. Timian – Norwegian, thyme

    23. Azuriel – Hebrew, help of God

    24. Lorden – English, from the word ‘lord’

    25. Olek – Polish, defending man

    26. Silvius – Latin, forest, woods

    27. Northley – English, derivative of North

    28. Jeffers – English, Son of Jeffrey

    29. Drent – Dutch, from the province of Drenthe

    30. Teos – Polish, gift of God

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    31. Sulien – Welsh, sun born

    32. Lasse – Scandinavian, from Laurentium

    33. Southern – English, word name

    34. Lorik – Albanian, quail

    35. Bayless – Old French, bailiff

    36. Thilo – German, ruler of the people

    37. Kimbren – Welsh, chief’s sword

    38. Conroy – Irish, hound of the plain

    39. Nano – Greek, little one

    40. Parmley – Old English, pear field

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    41. Tomek– Polish, variant of Thomas, twin

    42. Rafferty – Irish, flood tide

    43. Zidane – Arabic, increase, growth

    44. Tag – Irish, handsome; German, day

    45. Lion – English, word name

    46. Nexus – Latin, link, connection

    47. Mercury – English, derived from the Latin word for ‘trade’, a planet

    48. Dougan – Gaelic, little black one

    49. Oz – Hebrew, strength, courage

    50. Jaeliano – Modern English, blend of Jae + Juliano

    Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. As an affiliate, I may receive a commission on qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to you. Learn more.