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5 Awesome Books For Babies

Babies love being read to. They love the different voices and faces their parents make while reading. And of course, they love the colorful, friendly pictures. Reading to your baby is great fun and a good activity for bonding. Additionally, your baby can learn a lot. Reading to your baby has huge benefits on speech development, learning to pay attention and listen, as well as on visual development. You can never start too early with these 5 awesome books for babies. Given you pick the right time of the day, when your baby is well fed, not wet or tired and in the mood to play, it will be an amazing way to engage with your baby. Just keep those little, excited hands away from thin pages, to avoid paper cuts!

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When I tried to read a picture book to my newborn for the first time, I thought it might be a little too early. He was three weeks old. We were lying next to each other on the play mat with the book for us both to see. Surprisingly, he got super excited and loved looking at the pictures. He even listened for the whole story. Everyday, we read at least one book. Most of the time, after having finished the story, he likes to look at the pictures all over again. It is beautiful to see him enjoying his books.

The Right Books

Of course, there are tons of children’s books out there. Many of them are cute and funny, but not all of them are very suitable for a baby. Considering that an infant’s vision is still developing and pretty limited, it is important to look for books that catch her/his attention. Colorful, high contrast pictures and friendly smiley faces, is the key to a baby’s interest in a book. Here are 5 truly awesome books which are adorable and great fun to read to your little one.

1. Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney

This book is a beautiful must-have! Calm but interesting illustrations depict the lovely story of Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare expressing their love for each other. Guess How Much I Love You is an adorable story which your baby will love as soon as she/he is old enough to understand it. Till then your baby will appreciate hearing you read while looking at the lovely illustrations. The colors appear soft, yet they are vivid, so baby can enjoy the hopping hares and their heart-warming story.

2. The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

An absolute classic! When I was a kid, I loved The Rainbow Fish. It is actually, the first book I remember having as a toddler. This lovely story is about a beautiful fish learning to share its rainbow colored scales with others in the ocean. By doing so he becomes happy. When your little one gets older she/he will understand this educational side of the story. For a new baby the shiny scales are just fascinating. Since the rainbow scales are different to the touch, your baby will benefit from the tactical stimulation, too.

books children baby toddler guess how much I love you Macca the alpaca

3. Alpacas With Maracas by Matt Cosgrove

My baby boy loves Alpacas with Maracas. He cracks up at the illustrations and waves his little hands in excitement. I can highly recommend it! Lots of smiley faces and the rhyming, short text create a happy atmosphere. The story about Macca, the Alpaca and his pal Al joining a talent show is amusing, without dramas and easy to understand. Furthermore, the big, friendly illustrations in highly contrasting colors are easy for a baby to see and aid visual development. Probably, this is the best book to read to a baby, I encountered so far.

4. Where is Spot by Eric Hill

This is great first book to introduce to a baby. Not too much text to listen to, yet Where’s Spot? is very entertaining. You and your little one are helping a mother dog to find her puppy Spot. Along with other animals, Spot hides behind one of the flaps. Since infants don’t understand object permanence, yet, the flaps are fun and very exciting. Even after reading this book for the fifth time. Because the pictures are simple and the colors are contrasting they are easy to see and enjoy without overwhelming a baby.

5. Disney Baby – Winnie the Pooh – My First Library Board Book Block 12-Book Set by Erin Rose Wage

If you want to stack up on books also for your baby to look at on her/his own, this sweet, little library is a good purchase. Due to their size,these 12 Winnie the Pooh – My First Library Board Books are easy to hold. Friendly, colorful pictures bring a lot of fun and excitement, while they are simple enough to keep very young infants entertained. Additionally, with each book there is something different to learn, like counting, for example. In case, you are looking for a bit more variety, the Disney – Book Block 12 Board Books feature all kinds of Disney characters.

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